MTN Unlimited Browsing cheat on Pc, with SiMplE SERver


Hi guys my name is Abayomi, CEO globallekis….

I’m here today to show you what i’ve been enjoying for the past one year, Is this possible? that’s what u say, but guy! this already exist, no doubting,



Today I’ll be telling you how you’ll be able to use MTN BIS on any PC ,  I gave it a try and guess what? I’m enjoying MTN BIS now on my PC.

don’t you know how to subscribe for mtn bis? guy why now? do not worry i will surely help

How to subscribe :

Text BBLITED to 21600 for daily unlimited browsing

Text BBLITEM to 21600 for monthly unlimited browsing
It rocks with simple server, I’m sorry I didn’t show it to you guys on time, I was busy with some jobs so I couldn’t write it here, but now I’m here with it and it’s still working. Lemme not waste alot of time here, Lets go guys!

First you need to download the simple server app here, then go to your browser option bar,

after downloading extract the raw file to desktop, open and minimize never close!

it look like this after extracting



Open your browser,

go to option, Advanced, Network, Network settings,


then click Manual proxy, in the manual proxy box type the following code


Port: 8080

then you are good to go!!!!!!!!!!!




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One thought on “MTN Unlimited Browsing cheat on Pc, with SiMplE SERver

  1. […] Hey guys, wlcm to the Elite browsing cheat forum, today i wanna reveal to you how to subscribe with just 50# and enjoy unlimited 2-3 months free browsing on pc! with simple server, check our last update on simple server configuration and sub for Mtn here. […]


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