How to install Java on pc for stuffs like, 2go, Bio metric Fingerprints and lots more…




Hi guys!, I’m here today to reveal to you some stuff, you are calling a specialist for, guy u can do it yourself!

Java, this is a runtime programme  that allows (pc) user especially on windows, to use java applications i.e mobile app

Today’s tutorial is based on the installation of java that enables you to download 2go, and mobile applications and surf on it effectively and efficiently, java also enables you to use biometric fingerprints on ya pc, so let’s get started…………………

so to download java go to java website,

click free download then,

click open and install, gues what?,

java is gonna install online and this means java online installations will surely consume huge data

(for internet surf help click here)

After the full online installation then download the java/mobile app 2go? download here

pc 2go

If you are gonna use this for Biometric Fingerprint installation,then download the software for the biometric here (for digital personal fingerprint…)



after the completion of java installation,

go to your system desktop click start

then in the search box, type java,

you will see a pop up menu showing java configure, java, java uninstall,

then click java configure

you will see a pop up menu, click security

then click edit site list, in the menu click add,

and type the name of the website you are using the fingerprints on

click Ok and click apply, if the apply looks uncliked leave am!

Note: this only works on window 7 and its seniors!

then the fingerprints shall started working!

pls drop ya comments and views!



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