Great Nigeria students! senate list for 2015 batch B’ finally uploaded!


nysc 2







Great Nigeria student!, Great o! articulate Nigeria student!………….

News have been rocking the street, that the NYSC senate list have been uploaded, after a sure confirmation i decided to notify you great students of globalekites.

This is to inform all Prospective candidate, that are to go for their youth service early this year

(2015, Batch B’), that they should go and check senate list on the Nysc official website, to confirm if they are there or not.

But before the updating of the senate list, institutions have been urged to announce to their candidate to regularize/validate their jamb reg. no on the Jamb official website. But some candidate have been encounter a problem validating their jamb no (e.g Jamb reg. no is not found). so candidate that falls to this category have been urged to never loose hope because there is a 67% solution to this problem

candidate that falls to this category should please try the following solutions, (confirmed and working for some candidate)

  • go to Nysc official web, (
  • click on check senate list and its equivalent….
  • then fill in your details

then you should see some reply that jamb reg. no not recognized………bla bla blaa

but showing you a new jamb reg. no

after that, copy that new reg. no and go back to jamb official web and

click regularization then, paste that your new jamb reg. no

then fill all the information required including the biometric fingerprints,

If, the informationĀ  are correctly submitted it should display these: regularize candidate details is successfully saved….,

You gat to print it!

then go to the main page of the jamb site and click 2009 (or any year written on top of your first print out) then click on check admission status then, print year jamb admission letter!

congrat!, if you check the senate list it should display your details and pop up that: matric no not in use create a fresh account

it works for you?

Then wait for sept 8, when the Nysc online reg. is started………………… register and you will surely be mobilized for the 2015 batch B’




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