Samsung galaxy hardreset finally Revealed!




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Hi guys, hw u doing I’m here today to reveal/teach  you what you have been calling specialist for on your mobile. Today’s tutorial is gonna be based on the hard/factory reset on Samsung Galaxy mobiles and tablets.

why do you need an hardreset of factory reset?

  • When you forgot your password, pin of pattern
  • When you detect a strong virus on your device

so let’s get started……………

  • Press the power Button and hold (always at the upper right of the device)
  • Press the volume + Button and hold(always after the power button)
  • Press the Menu Button and hold(the front and only button on the device interface)

Note: You will do the above three steps at a time………….

when you see the samsung logo, release the power button

but still press and hold the volume + and the menu button….

then you should see an interface as below:


and after the above interface has loaded successfully, the device should prompt you that it has successfully loaded.

after this, release all the buttons, then click the volume + button, the the factory/display menu shall display.

after that click scroll with the volume + button to the factory reset bar,

then use the power button to click, it will prompt delete all data, then click YES, after it has complete then click the volume + and click reboot,

There is a say that goes: pictures do not lie, you didn’t get it? the watch  the video tutorial here or better still download here

Then you are done……………

pls drop ya comment!


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