secret: How to hack a credit card!

Hello my fellow arms of hackers, today i wanna reveal to you simple way to hack  a credit card”

What really is a credit card?, u knw am now, if u no knw am i will never explain here, lol,

i love hacking and really like teaching others, so i’m gonna explain credit card……………….

A credit card is a payment card issued to users (cardholders) as a method of payment. It allows the cardholder to pay for goods and services based on the holder’s promise to pay for them. The issuer of the card (usually a bank) creates a revolving account and grants a line of credit to the cardholder, from which the cardholder can borrow money for payment to a merchant or as a cash advance.


hacking a credit card of someone makes you the real owner!………………………

so let’s go……………

Credit Card Dorks

ccdCredit Card Dorks | Hyper-Dark Security

Goto Google and Search Any Of these Dorks


inurl:”.php?cat=”+intext:”/Buy Now/”


inurl:”.php?id=” intext:”View cart”

inurl:”.php?id=” intext:”Buy Now”

inurl:”.php?id=” intext:”add to cart”

inurl:”.php?id=” intext:”shopping”

inurl:”.php?id=” intext:”boutique”

inurl:”.php?id=” intext:”/store/”

inurl:”.php?id=” intext:”/shop/”

inurl:”.php?id=” intext:”toys”


inurl:”.php?cid=” intext:”shopping”

inurl:”.php?cid=” intext:”add to cart”

inurl:”.php?cid=” intext:”Buy Now”

inurl:”.php?cid=” intext:”View cart”

inurl:”.php?cid=” intext:”boutique

inurl:”.php?cid=” intext:”/store/”

inurl:”.php?cid=” intext:”/shop/”

inurl:”.php?cid=” intext:”Toys”


inurl:”.php?cat=” intext:”shopping”

inurl:”.php?cat=” intext:”add to cart”

inurl:”.php?cat=” intext:”Buy Now”

inurl:”.php?cat=” intext:”View cart”

inurl:”.php?cat=” intext:”boutique

” inurl:”.php?cat=” intext:”/store/”

inurl:”.php?cat=” intext:”/shop/”

inurl:”.php?cat=” intext:”Toys”


inurl:”.php?catid=” intext:”View cart”

inurl:”.php?catid=” intext:”Buy Now”

inurl:”.php?catid=” intext:”add to cart”

inurl:”.php?catid=” intext:”shopping”

inurl:”.php?catid=” intext:”boutique”

inurl:”.php?catid=” intext:”/store/”

inurl:”.php?catid=” intext:”/shop/”

inurl:”.php?catid=” intext:”Toys”


inurl:”.php?categoryid=” intext:”View cart”

inurl:”.php?categoryid=” intext:”Buy Now”

inurl:”.php?categoryid=” intext:”add to cart”

inurl:”.php?categoryid=” intext:”shopping”

inurl:”.php?categoryid=” intext:”boutique”

inurl:”.php?categoryid=” intext:”/store/”

inurl:”.php?categoryid=” intext:”/shop/”

inurl:”.php?categoryid=” intext:”Toys”


inurl:”.php?pid=” intext:”shopping”

inurl:”.php?pid=” intext:”add to cart”

inurl:”.php?pid=” intext:”Buy Now”

inurl:”.php?pid=” intext:”View cart”

inurl:”.php?pid=” intext:”boutique”



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