Hidden Tech: Use apk (Android) files on your windows pc!

apk on pc

Hey guys, today I’m gonna reveal to you today how to use your android app and games on your windows pc….

Seeing the pix above you really understand a bit of what i will be teaching you today, because your apk files had change their display icons….

why do you need to?

  1. Because it maximes your experience of apk files
  2. It helps you to copy the app on your android device to the hard drive and starting enjoying
  3. Amazing: you can easily download desired app on google play store on your pc and install without stress…
  4. If you use app that requires mobile number like whatsapp, it easily confirm your phone number with a message to your inbox with a secret code…….


whatsapp 01

whatsaap 1





How to?

It just a single app, the app is called,  Bluestack, download here

note: this file needs an online data to complete the download

after downloading, insert your drive, (where you saved the apk files) and copy-paste to your system drive or folder,

Benefits of the app: The app itself comes with the Facebook messenger, skype, gta, and lots of interesting apk files….

drop your comments and complaints!



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