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simple server upgraded!, subscribe 50# for 2-3months for unlimited browsing on Pc


Hey guys, wlcm to the Elite browsing cheat forum, today i wanna reveal to you how to subscribe with just 50# and enjoy unlimited 2-3 months free browsing on pc! with simple server, check our last update on simple server configuration and sub for Mtn here.

So today’s simple server tutorial will based on Etisalat subscription, once u’ve read our previous Simple server tutorial above, then you are good to subscribe for the Etisalat subscription and configure your modem with etisalat configuration. settings here

To subscribe for the etisalat 50#(for the 2-3 months unlimited browsing on pc n android)

Simply DialĀ  *200*3*3*1*1#

then start surfing….. pls drop your comment and complaint….

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